Thursday, 12 March 2015

Edinburgh is Delicious: Mimi's Beforenoon Tea

We're frequently asked about where our favourite places in Edinburgh are, particularly where we love to eat. We're both quite picky about what we like and lucky enough to live in a city that has an abundance of lovely places to visit and enjoy fine food so it's with great fanfare that we can sound our New Favourite Place klaxon in honour of Mimi's Bakehouse!  Mimi's has revolutionised brunch as we know it and come up with their game-changing Beforenoon Tea.

Mimi's are already legendary for their afternoon teas, and their daytime menus are also immensely popular (as anywhere with a menu featuring a stovie-of-the-week should be). However, they have truly upped the stakes with their new concept of Beforenoon Tea - taking the traditional three tiers of afternoon tea and adding breakfast components to make the Perfect Brunch.

The lower tiers of Mimi's Beforenoon tea are devoted to delivering the classic salty-savoury-warmly-stodgy elements of the Scottish breakfast butty combined gloriously with the afternoon tea staple, the scone. We kicked off with soft bacon focaccia rolls, filled with layers of Ramsey's of Carluke smoky bacon, followed by a middle tier of moreish cheese scones with a whipped chive cream tea infusion.
Onto the top tier... well, as avo tea aficionados will know, the top layer of any before/afternoon tea is always the most exciting. This particular top tier laid before us Nutella and raspberry mini-muffins, pancake towers sandwiched with dulce de leche, lavishly-iced cinnamon rolls and blueberry-topped granola.  There's also a choice of Teapig's finest teas, frequently attended to and topped up by Mimi's lovely staff.
We found the balance between savoury and sweet to be pretty much perfect for our tastes - just the right amount of both - and loved the brunch-meets-teatime concept. The experience is on weekends from 9am to noon, and priced at a fabulously affordable £13.50 per person, particularly as you're unlikely to eat anything else until tea time. It looks like this is going to be our new choice for special occasions or to take visitors to show off how fab our city is! Brunch is dead! Long live Beforenoon Tea!