Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Shopping Next at Fort Kinnaird

Happy new year! 2014 was a rollercoaster of a year, but we had a lot of fun so here's to 2015 bringing more joy into our lives. In the meantime, there's been something consuming our online lives post-Christmas - sales shopping. After the bizarre adoption of Black Friday in the UK meant that Boxing Day sales were even more ridiculous than ever it's been quite the luxury to sit back, wait for the sales emails to come in and wait for the goods to come directly to the door. But there's also something quite satisfying about finding unexpected gorgeous items in the shops out there in the wild. Fort Kinnaird has had a bit of a makeover recently, and now with a Topshop, TK Maxx, New Look and Next - as well as newly opened Ed's Diner, TGI Friday's and soon to be opened Five Guys Burgers, it's a great shopping destination. They asked us to take advantage of the post-Christmas sales and have a look around Next to see what we could find there. Next are famous for their sales so we were delighted at the invitation. The shops at the Fort all have the advantage of more space than their city counterparts so it's not the same cramped stressful experience that you might otherwise have. Their homewares department is just lovely and, after a wee bit of browsing time, I picked up two beautifully scented candles - peony & sweet pea and one from their Antigua range. I also found a brightly patterned long sleeve smock dress which will be perfect for transitioning from winter to spring when the world shifts and the seasons change. Have you been able to take advantage of any sale shopping in the new year? Have you been shopping at Fort Kinnaird recently?  Let us know about your unearthed treasures in the comments below.


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