Monday, 26 January 2015

Edinburgh Wedding Project: Lady JoJos Brides and the perfect vintage wedding dress

I've been meaning to write about Lady Jojo's Brides for a while and now that the chaos from my own wedding has long since passed, I can happily write about this lovely place where I had my wedding dress made! Lady Jojo's specialise in vintage-inspired wedding dresses with a made to measure service. They have a range of styles, mostly inspired by 1950's tea length, which all have cute vintage names like Audrey, Rita and Veronica. Everything is made in their Edinburgh studio and they are so helpful and lovely throughout the whole process. Their pricing is very reasonable too, it's based on a tiered system depending on which fabrics you choose and any extras you may want. There are not many places in Edinburgh where you'll get a beautiful made-to-measure dress for under £500! There is also a bespoke dress service so you can bring in a picture or sketch of your dream dress and see if they can help make it a reality. This is exactly what I ended up doing and couldn't have been happier with how it turned out, so thought I'd write about my experience if you're considering a bespoke dress.

When it came to deciding on my own style, I wanted a vintage wedding dress but found that authentic vintage came at a price, not just in monetary pounds, but physical ones too - those mid-century ladies were small. The average size of those pretty dresses was about an 8 which is very much not my size and probably never will be. I had seen a vintage dress on Etsy that I loved but for various reasons wasn't quite what I was after.  However, it was the first time I'd seen something that I thought was really my style, a dress that I could see myself getting married in and, although I hadn't really considered a bespoke design before, I began to get excited by the prospect!

Photo by the very lovely Lyndsey from Mack Photography
I'd looked at Lady Jojo's dress designs on their webpages and they were beautiful, but not quite what I was after. I had really liked their Lillian dress however and it was actually fairly close to my dream dress so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask them if it would be possible to make this dress of mine. I shyly called them up about my idea and had a lovely positive response so made an appointment to see them about it and they walked me through the process of what was involved - choosing the materials and deciding the length. The dress I wanted had a lace bodice, half sleeves, chiffon skirt and round neckline so it was nothing overly complicated but gosh, these were still hard decisions to make! They have some stunning luxury laces available and it was really difficult deciding between them. I nearly went for polka dot lace but then thought the sleeves might be too 80's Madonna (not necessarily a bad thing but not the bridal look I was hoping for!). However I found a gorgeous ivory lace that I loved and was happy with. Luckily my lovely bridesmaid Michelle was with me and it was a big help to have her there as a second opinion. The consultation includes going through various price options so there's no scary final bill to come and I was so happy that I could afford what I knew would be the wedding dress for me.

As the wedding date was a good nine months after my consultation, it was quite easy to book in for fittings and they were really flexible with timings. I feel really lucky to have had such a positive experience and would absolutely recommend Lady Jojo's to anyone in Scotland who was thinking about getting a vintage style wedding dress. There's no need to pay thousands of pounds when there's an Edinburgh studio who can do a bespoke, made to measure service.

Finally, here's a few tips for anyone thinking of getting a made-to-measure dress, regardless of where you get it from:
♥ If you don't have your wedding shoes for the fitting, bring along those that you think will be of a similar height. It really does matter!
♥ Similarly, have a think about what kind of bra you'll be wearing on the big day.
♥ Try and book any fittings in the morning, before you have your lunch!
♥ And lastly, remember it's meant to be a fun experience. If it's not, abort mission and find somewhere you love instead.


  1. I love the dress in the middle of the image at the top. Gorgeous.

    As were you. Are you. You know what I mean!


    1. Thanks lovely. Yep, that's the Lillian dress, the one closest to my dress - so much pretty! Katey x