Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Edinburgh is Delicious - Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi have opened their second branch in Edinburgh, taking over the upstairs corner across from the Royal Scottish Academy. It can be hard sometimes to find somewhere in the city centre for a quick and tasty bite to eat so it's a very welcome addition to Princes Street. It's a cool place to visit, with great views, space age decor and of course the sushi train coming past every table with tasty bites to eat!

If you're not sure about how Yo! Sushi works, here's a crash course. Go up the stairs and unless you are very early, be prepared to wait a while. The queue usually moves pretty quickly and the staff normally give you a rough idea of how long you may need to wait around. Once you're seated inside you'll either be at a booth or a long table where you'll see cute little dishes go past you on a conveyer belt - time to eat! You can pick up a dish straight away, but I'd say it's best to peruse the menu first to see what's available before checking what's sailing gently by. The colour of each bowl denotes the cost of the dish. Hot food like noodles or tempura is cooked to order, and can be done by pressing a handy button beside the table which brings over your server. Simple! 

With over eighty different items on the menu, there are plenty of dishes available other than sushi to try. The first dish  I selected was a duck salad which was fresh and came with a hoisin dressing.  My favourite dish was the marinated aubergine, which was soft and full of flavour. The sushi was pretty special too; their best seller is the Yo! Roll which is salmon, avocado and mayonnaise, a classic for a good reason. This went down a treat, as did tuna nigiri. There was a wide range of interesting sounding sushi which I'll investigate next time, such as the duck and mango roll and a salmon and yuzu salsa sashimi. There's plenty of opportunity to eat lovely fresh dishes as well as more filling (but equally tasty) noodles and rice, so it's nice to be able to mix things up should you wish to try something new.


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