Sunday, 2 November 2014

Presents by post: Cocktails in a box from Tipple Box

It is a truth universally acknowledged that getting presents in the post brightens ones day considerably. Tipple Box is a new Edinburgh-based drinks company who are looking to brighten days by bringing the cocktail experience to your home each month with their mail order craft cocktail kits. This is far more than merely booze in a box as you'll get the spirits, mixers, ingredients, shaker jar and two cocktail recipes, enough to make eight cocktails. Types of cocktail include the Lady Marmalade, a delicious sounding citrus drink made with marmalade vodka and lemon. All that any wannabe mixologist needs to do is mix the ingredients together and add ice. Genius! And exactly the type of present that we would want to get in the post.

Tipple Box are supported by Chase craft-distillers, Fever Tree tonics and Martin Duffy, head mixologist at 56 North.  They're in the process of crowdfunding their business via Indigogo, where you can pledge a mere £20 for their first box, or more for subscriptions and even a lifetime of cocktails! So not only is it nice to be able to help support an Edinburgh-based start-up company, you'll be guaranteeing yourself a cocktail party in the post. There's also a certain annual gift-giving holiday coming up soon (is it too early to talk about Christmas?) - this would make an awesome gift and you could always hope that the grateful recipient invites you round for cocktails soon too!


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