Saturday, 29 November 2014

Edinburgh is Delicious: Spoon Cafe

You know a cafe understands hangovers when they provide chips with a full Scottish breakfast. Spoon Cafe is exactly that place and it has the perfect mix of feed-me-sausage-now-I'm-dying and super-healthy-detox brunch menu that your weekend needs. Their relaxed vintage style cafe is a large airy room on Nicholson Street with plenty of covers (so you're likely to always get a table) and has a dedicated Sunday brunch menu which has soothed many of my hangovers. With a mighty full Scottish brekky (with aforementioned chips!) as the star of the brunch menu, there's also a variety of healthy options too for when you want to do your body some good. Berry and melon fruit salad, pancakes with yoghurt & bananas and granola with fruit are some of the saintly selections and they have proper fresh orange juice too. On Sundays there is a specials board with the soup, roast and fish of the day, keeping your options simple but delicious. It's always a real pleasure to visit Spoon, their decor is super cool with retro finds like g-plan dressers to store newspapers, brightly coloured bubble lighting, 60's wallpaper and vintage crockery. A particular delight are the walls of the ladies' toilets plastered with pages from Woman's Realm magazines from the 1970's. Spoon opens at 10am on a Saturday and 12pm on a Sunday which is perfect for both shopping trips into town and my lazy stare into a tea mug type of weekend.  Guaranteed good brunch times ahead!


  1. One of my favorite (and one of the prettiest) restaurants in Edinburgh! I've been for lunch twice... now just gotta get myself over there for sunday brunch. Looks delightful!

    1. It's just gorgeous isn't it - I love how all the corners are like their own little retro hang-outs. I'm sure you'll love the Sunday brunch!