Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Edinburgh Etsy: Poosac Homeware and Huggables

My hunt for new homewares is neverending, and I particularly love when I come across a seller that not only creates gorgeous things but also does so close to home. So I was delighted to discover Poosac (via my friend Gaby of the beautiful Braw Scotland), a range of cushions, toys and cards, based right here in Edinburgh. Quirky, squidgy and sweetly humourous without being twee, the Poosac collection is a lovingly lopsided menagerie, featuring bears, cats, rabbits, heilan coos and more, handstitched from a variety of gorgeous Scottish and Scandi-inspired fabrics. As if it couldn't be even more lovable, Kim, Poosac's creator and designer, is inspired by the heartwrenching childhood classic "Dogger" by Shirley Hughes - possibly the Best Book Ever (or so I thought when I was wee). I actually want the whole wonderful lot, but here are my absolute faves:
This heilan coo cushion/toy is magnificent. I love his fringe - tres 90s-era Boyzone. He comes in miniature at £18.00 and supersized at £30. I think a herd grazing casually on your sofa would be fabulous, but for a more eclectic pairing then this sleepy cat (£34.50) and sweet dinosaur (£40) are also wonderful. 
Alternatively, how about this well-dressed trio? I love this lady in her bright orange smock and her tres belle twin, both £34.50, and who can resist the most dapper bunny I've seen hopping along the aisles of Etsy, rocking those polka dots like a BOSS at £32.50.
Moving on from animals, I absolutely adore these mountain cushions - all they're missing is Fraulein Maria running merrily down the side. They make up for it with an utterly edible range of colours and fabrics - brown twill, forest green felt, mustard harris tweed (all £35) and my personal favourite, fuscia harris tweed (£50).

Poosac also features a 36-strong range of greeting cards - how about Och Aye The Moo, a floppy-eared pug or Crazy Cat Lady (we all know one), each coming in at £3.50 - you can also see the full range here.

It's hard to believe you won't be able to find something you love in the marvellous world of Poosac, but if you're looking for something a little bit special, Kim also does custom listings. So if you want, you can get a Dogger* all of your own.

*apologies to all those who have never heard of Dogger and are thinking "WTF? That sounds dodge." Promise it's not dodge, just a tale of a lost toy that both breaks and warms your heart.


  1. I LOVE Poosac! I have their pink mountain pillow. Or purpley magenta. Whatever colour that is ;)

    1. The magenta is my favourite! It's on my Santa list : ) Jane

  2. Love these Poosacs they are sooo cute :) At first look I thought they were animal door stoppers lol My kids would love these on the sofa :)

    1. Aren't they wonderful? I think they're pretty versatile - I quite fancy getting a little coo to sit in my fireplace! Jane x