Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Beyond the Builders Brew: Anteaques

Even if you haven't heard of Anteaques before, if you're an Edinburgh resident it's likely that you'll have tried some of their tea before.  Based in a wee shop on Clerk Street in Southside, they supply a number of our favourite cake shops with their extensive range of teas.  Their loose leaf is available to buy in store (along with a variety of tea infusers and the like) and you can smell a variety of their lush tea blends whilst getting any advice from their expert staff whilst you're there. And of course, whilst you're there you should stay to sample a cup of tea and some of their delicious cakes and scones too. Their cake menu changes daily and everything is freshly homemade.  On our visit we tried the Japanese matcha tea layer cake and a classic fruit scone (served with your choice of jam); the cake was divine with a delicate green tea flavour and white chocolate cream and the fruit scone very well done indeed. Bear in mind that the shop only has a few tables so it may be prudent to ring in advance if you have your heart set on visiting! You can also stay and browse the antiques they have for sale (hence the mash-up name y'see) - beautiful tea sets, crystal, silverware and lighting from a bygone elegant age.  A rail full of vintage fur coats gives a corner of the room a Narnia-esque vibe.  Anteaque's opening hours are somewhat limited, open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11am-7pm.


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