Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Edinburgh is Delicious: Zukr Boutique Patisserie

Zukr Boutique create some of the most extraordinary and original sweet treats you'll find in Edinburgh. Owned and run by Maggie and David Simak (who was formerly the pastry chef at Harvey Nichols), their shop in Newington is an all-white minimalist design which is appropriately lab-like for their precision creations. 

Beautifully decorated chocolate and marshmallow lollipops line the shop walls and their marshmallows have some bold and delicious flavours, such as cherry almond, cinnamon, chai latte and chocolate truffle. The shop had plenty of these to sample too. Edinburgh is a city with a relatively high number of marshmallow purveyors, but Zukr have an edge over the competitors with their Mallow Club, where you can get your choice of flavour delivered monthly. It's a brilliant idea - getting marshmallows in the post is pretty much the best thing I can think of! 

A natural progression from making marshmallows is one of Zukr's most eye-catching sweets - galaxy-themed teacakes.  These are perfectly speckled  domes of chocolate; beautiful constellations to gaze into and filled with inventive flavours such as raspberry lychee, lemon elderflower, and coconut with dark rum.  

The chocolate artistry continues with the current Harvest collection of Autumn-themed chocolates with flavours of corn & blueberry salted caramel, rum & cherry, almond praline, and apricot & amaretto.  The Harvest theme spills into a collection of chocolate bars and on my visit I managed to pick up a delicious corn, peanut and caramel chocolate bar, beautifully decorated with painted gold and petals.  There is also some wonderful baking, with salted caramel & banana brownies, jam-filled vanilla cakes, and vanilla, chocolate, raspberry & hazelnut cakes.

Sadly we were too late to buy the chocolate brioche that had been available earlier in the day so an early visit to the shop is definitely recommended - you can find out what they have in store from their gorgeous Instagram account.  If you can't make it to the shop in person, you can always order these beautiful sweets from their Etsy shop or webpage.

Photos courtesy of Zukr Boutique


  1. This is in my 'hood and I still haven't been. I know what I'm doing this weekend!

    1. You should definitely have a visit - a lot of their brownies are gluten-free too!