Friday, 1 August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Recommendations & Top Tips

Well August is here again... the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has officially begun!  As always, it will be chaotic, we will stay out too late & drink too much and also have an amazing time seeing lots of weird, wonderful & hilarious sights. We'd recommend our Guide To Enjoying the Ed Fringe for any Fringe newbie and there are plenty of good reads on what shows to see (Fest Magazine and The List Fringe special are readily available all over Edinburgh, and the Edinburgh Spotlight webpage is great for festival news & a variety of reviews).  Here's our list of top tips and some of the things that we're excited about this year:
Abandoman, an Irish comedy hip hop improv group, take suggestions from the crowd to roll with and rap about.  Spot on for some proper laughs.
- Bears In Space is as you can imagine about ursine cosmonauts, having adventures and fleeing their enemies.  What makes this stand out is that a) it's a puppet show which obviously makes it more awesome and b) it has Jack Gleeson in it aka King Joffrey, First of his Name etc etc from Game of Thrones.  If you're a GoT fan, you'll realise that Jack's doing his very best to no longer be associated with his character.
- Jollyboat are a pirate comedy band - which may not sound that appealing, depending on how tolerant you are of pirates in this post-post-ironic age but are actually very funny indeed.
- The Living Mountain is a record shop in the basement of the Church Gallery at Summerhall, curated by graphic designer and vinyl collector Lindsay Todd.  The perfect place to visit after a music show at Summerhall.
- Edinburgh record label Song, by Toad are holding a Pale Imitation Festival this August, a cheap and cheerful celebration of Scottish music with all shows costing a fiver at Henry's Cellar Bar.  The exception to this is Meursault playing their last ever gig at Queen's Hall with Plastic Animals - definitely an Event Gig to be at.
56 North have opened up a Secret Tanqueray Gin Garden during the festival with the full range of Tanqueray gins and more cocktails then you can shake a a stirring stick at.
- If you were as addicted to the Great British Bakeoff as we were, you'll be excited to see that last year's contestant Glenn Cosby has a live cooking show, Food Junkie.  As food junkies ourselves, there will likely be a lot of nodding in agreement.
- Our usual festival favourites are always a good shout: Josie Long, David O'Doherty, Avenue Q, No Fit State's Bianco and Hot Dub Time Machine are all totes essensh shows for us!


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