Thursday, 10 July 2014

Beer Glorious Beer: Black Wolf Brewery Launch

A few weeks ago we were delighted to be invited along to the launch of Black Wolf Brewery, and, as Edinburgh Etiquette's fledgling beer aficionado, I felt it was my not-very-tiresome blogging duty to head along and try and out a few ales or five. As my beer buds are still under development (though, fear not, are undergoing intensive training) I made sure I had a couple of practiced drinkers/self-professed beer snobs (my sister Ali and her boyfriend Ronan) in tow to help pick out the stars of the bunch.
The Stirling-based company, formerly Traditional Scottish Ales, bring a 12-strong collection to the thriving Scottish craft ale scene, comprised of their craft, premium and relaunched Heritage ranges. With endless beer, erm, on tap, we managed to sample them all, with tutored tastings on a selected few, and plenty of classic soaker-uppers on the side - fish and chips wrought miniature and platters of dinky sliders.
And so to the standouts. As a lover of a light and refreshing offering, my particular favourite was Gold Digger, a zesty and crisp blonde beer from the Craft range. We all loved Tundra, a summery and rounded golden wheat beer made for BBQs (even if they get rained off, in true British style). Florida Black was treacly, dark and smoky and although it wasn't personally to my taste, both Ronan and Ali pronounced it an excellent stout. The crown jewel of the collection, however, has to be the Valente's Double Espresso of the Premium range - a gold winner at the 2012 World Beer Awards, it was thick, smooth and packed with coffee flavour. Ronan is a particular fan of espresso coffee beer and having tried a few, he said it was the best he'd tried.
Black Wolf Beers are popping up in pubs all over Scotland, but for more information, including an online shop, check out the website, Facebook or Twitter. A huge thanks to Black Wolf Brewery for having us along - here's to many happy pints to come. 

Photos supplied by Black Wolf Brewery c/o The Big Partnership.


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