Monday, 19 May 2014

Styling at Ishi Salon - Curls, Up-dos & More

Ishi Salon opened their new branch in Hanover Street earlier this year, an addition to their popular Marchmont salon.  They invited us to their city branch to try their hair-styling service and I jumped at the chance to see what the could do with my untameable mane.  When it comes to styling my own hair it's not a matter of taming unruly frizz or curls, it is more a case of tackling something that is thick, long and doesn't take well to anything much except sitting there being straight and boring - a ponytail or a mini-beehive is about as exciting as it gets.  Professional help is definitely required if I'm after something a bit fancy and I don't mind paying for an up-do for a special occasion or big night out so I was keen to see what the new Ishi Salon was like and what they could do with my hair!
The salon is centrally located and is light, modern and airy.  I met the talented and lovely Isla who can essentially make any hairstyle you want become a reality - from vintage looks to classic up-dos to modern styles.  First up, she suggested vintage Hollywood curls with a modern twist for my hair. Within minutes, she had curled it perfectly into shiny waves of perfection, like a modern take on the Marcel wave.  Isla is used to working with all different kinds of hair and worked her brand of hairdresser magic so that the curls didn't fall out within minutes of setting them.  It would be perfect for a girly night out or for attending a wedding.  She then added a plait to one side which would be a great look for a big night out.  
Feeling inspired, I asked if Isla could do some plaits that would suit a festival weekend.  Thinking ahead to the summer, I'd be keen to have some braids that can work all weekend at a festival without having to think about being gross, sweaty and greasy (dry shampoo very quickly loses its charm when it becomes a sticky mess by Day 3).  The braids she styled have a Game of Thrones vibe to them (or maybe I'm just becoming too obsessed with GoT?) and I loved them.  I had plenty of people (including strangers) giving me compliments and asking if I'd done the braids myself - ha! As if!  I stuck them out for three days, but they could have gone a little longer.  The second day I loosened the ends into pigtails, which was another look I love and I quite enjoyed the Kate Bush effect by the time I took all of it out (though it was a relief to wash my hair!).
I would absolutely recommend visiting Isla at Ishi if you're looking for an up-do, whether you know what you're after or would like something recommended for you.  For styling, your hair is easier to work with if it's been washed the day before.  The cost for the styles described above is £30.  For a more traditional up-do with hair being washed the cost would be £40 - reasonable for city prices in Edinburgh and you'll get days of wear out of each style too.  


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