Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blogs We Love: Edinburgh Food Blogs

With so many delicious places to eat and drink, it's no surprise that there are some excellent Edinburgh food bloggers in our fair city.  My own food blog, Edinburgh Eats, is sadly neglected these days due to an expanding tum putting the kybosh on eating three course meals and burgers every weekend so I'm happy to look at others for food porn.  Ed Uncovered have recently done a Top 10 of Edinburgh food blogs which pretty much covers the biggest and best but we're into the niche blogs too.  These are our favourite Edinburgh food blogs to peruse new openings, find more favourite haunts and drool over recipes full of nom. 

From Charlie & Evelyn's blog - do not lick the screen

Lunch Quest: If a new restaurant or cafe has opened in Edinburgh, big or small, Lunch Quest have probably already covered it.  Not only have they covered a huge number of Edinburgh eateries (& let us know what they were wearing at the time), all of this information is available on their Lunch Quest app.  They've also put together a list of their top 100 espressos to be found in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Foody:  Restaurant reviews, cookbooks, recipes, interviews and more - Danielle and Caroline not only care about food but care about how it's made and where it comes from.

Braw Spirit:  Whisky, whiskey and all things whisk related here.  Reviews, news, events and thoughts about whisky - Stuart and Adele clearly know their stuff and their whisky adventures and news make it an excellent read.

Leil'Appetit: Gorgeous photos, new openings and smart witty reviews of both Michelin starred restaurants (provoking severe food envy and droolage) to places like Chop Chop and Pizza Express (provoking thoughts of "haven't been there for a while" last minute dinner plans).

Winse's Wee Wok:  Authentic Hong Kong/Chinese recipes made super accessible by Winse, along with some reviews of places in Edinburgh.  She has a great Facebook page so if you have any queries, you can send her a wee message too - she recently responded (very quickly!) to a question I had on authentic Chinese banquets.

Charlie & Evelyn's Table:  Starting life as a companion blog to the first supper club in Edinburgh (and one of the best I've been to), there's some serious food porn from events they have catered along with very cute pictures of baking with children.  Some lovely recipes, reviews and inspiration here.


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