Monday, 28 April 2014

Weekend Adventures: Beginnings of Spring

There's nothing like the changing of the seasons for new beginnings.  After a wee while out of action due to epic holidays and wedding planning, we're blowing away the cobwebs and making exciting plans for this blog and for the next few months!  This weekend was a bit on the grey side but there were a few patches of sunshine and it was warm(ish) enough to make it feel like spring is finally here and the summer wardrobe may yet emerge from its hiding place under the bed (albeit layered with a cardigan). 

1. Newly opened Burger in Fountainbridge is already firm favourite, with this second visit in as many weekends.  The burgers are very much US style and if you've ever enjoyed a Shack Shake burger, you'll likely enjoy these ones.  There are some awesome weekly specials for both burgers and hotdogs along with frozen custard shakes and ice cream.  The chips definitely deserve a special mention too.  Definitely a good shout for those who love good fast food.

2. The blossoms!  You can't have missed Edinburgh's fauna erupting in glorious blossoms the past few weeks.  Enjoy these blossoming beauties while they last.

3. Hints of the summer wardrobe to come, including denim dungarees! I've wanted some for ages and they are all over the shops at the moment.  They seem vaguely controversial (Never Underdressed had an article about them recently) but I love this pair I bought from Next - dark denim and skinny legs - and like to think that paired with a stripy top it's more of a 1950's look rather than an 80's throwback.

4. Tennents have a new beer, Lemon T, which will no doubt be all over festivals this summer and they very kindly sent us some to try.  It's a low alcohol lemon flavoured beer (hence the name, see?) which will hopefully help with hangover prevention and are similar to the radlers, a mix of beer and lemon sodas, that you get in Europe.  It doesn't taste sweet like cider or too beery either and I can see this being my future tipple in a future picnic at the Meadows.


  1. Yay! It's (sort of) I write this the sun is trying desperately to get out from the clouds. Burger is top of my list of places to try, they have a chicken katsu one that is a must for soothing my post-Japan withdrawl. PS MUCH love for the dungers!

    1. I had the katsu burger, it was super good (but could've been a bit crispier). They also had green tea ice cream as a special with pistachios and blueberries. YUM.