Monday, 17 March 2014

Edinburgh is Delicious: Steak

Chargrilled on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside – that's how I like my steak (food), and that's exactly how Steak (the restaurant) serve it. Steak by name and steak by nature, this eponymous eaterie have recently launched a new lunch-time menu which is well worth getting your teeth into: two courses for £9.95 with a main option of rump steak, bĂ©arnaise sauce, fries and home-made condiments.

On a rainy Edinburgh Sunday afternoon, I arrived at Steak slightly soggy and in need of warming up. The interior is certainly entrancing, and no matter the conditions outside, it'll always feel like an atmospheric evening, and most likely cocktail-hour, inside. Cavernous, dark with mood lighting: long benches, a large picture of a cow with all the steak cuts explained, contrasting warm wood and metal hangings, I half expected a flash-mob haute-hoe-down. It's certainly an interior that can't be ignored in itself, and is half of the Steak dining experience itself.
For the meal itself, I chose the blue cheese, apple and walnut salad followed by medium-rare rump steak. The salad was a nice portion to precede a steak lunch: not too big, but not too small. The blue cheese was creamy, the walnuts chunky, crunchy and quite sweet. And the steak: it was perfectly cooked. It had been battered quite flat, and yet still miraculously chargrilled to be black-streaked flavour-filled, yet still red and juicy on the inside. The fries were a nice portion, and the home-made condiments were delicious (their ketchup is less sweet than Heinz, and all the better for it.) The lunch menu also has non-steak options like chicken escalope, a vegetarian gnocci dish, and fish and chips.
It was fairly quiet on a Sunday at 1pm, and I do think it's a restaurant that is very well suited to evening dining, with it's low lighting and lack of windows. Yet Steak was also a lovely spot for a lazy long lunch, and £9.95 for two courses, including the rather lush rump steak, can't be sniffed at as a great value lunch and a meal of the best quality. If it's rainy outside, this is a great place to seek warm shelter; and if we are blessed with any spring-time sun, the chargrilled flavour is even better than any Meadows make-shift BBQ!


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