Sunday, 19 January 2014

Makeover Tales Part 1: Urban Decay

Continuing my resolutions for self-improvement, after chatting to Jen about how it'd be great to learn to apply make-up properly we decided that it's something we should learn how to do this year.  I have a rather hurried morning make-up routine that could definitely use some shaking up and new products.  Starting with the basics, I'm pretty happy with my foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, a tip top recommendation from Chiara from Wine & Olives who is a total make-up authority) and Urban Decay's Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder.  This powder was a recommendation from the make-up artist at Debenhams on Princes Street a wee while ago, who suggested I buy this instead of another finishing powder I read about on Sali Hughes' beauty site (one of my favourite places to learn about new products).  It works really well with my skin, keeping make-up on and shine at bay for hours (after previously seeing shine by about lunchtime).  I thought after such a great recommendation that I should visit the Urban Decay concession at Debenhams again - they have an excellent reputation for their eye make-up selection and palettes, something I could definitely use help with.  Full disclosure: I only started using eye-shadow maybe a year ago and the colours I currently use are from a palette I got free with a magazine.  Oh the shame!  Profession help definitely required so I duly booked myself in for an Urban Decay makeover.  I decided to wear make-up to the appointment as I wanted to show how I would normally do my face - a slight wash of colour on the eyes, light eyeliner, a hint of blusher and some lip tint (as below).
This is a pretty neutral daytime look and probably takes me about 5-10 minutes in the morning.  I was looking for something similarly non-committal timewise but with better results - a personalised me-but-better, no-make-up look like what all the magazines go on about it.  And let's face it - I really could do with some new eyeshadow.  The very lovely Urban Decay make-up artist (whose name I have totally forgotten, eek!) was thrilled to hear that I loved the powder that she had recommended and appreciated that I'd shown her how I usually apply my make-up.  

The UD products she used on me that I really loved were the Pore-Pefecting Primer, which was an excellent base.  She used it all over my face rather than just my t-zone where I normally apply it and it felt velvety soft.  It really helped the foundation she applied to go on smoothly and unlike other primers I've used it seemed to make my pores disappear and it's got a slight colour to it to blur imperfections. I loved their famous Eyeshadow Primer Potion too - it makes a big difference to the intensity of colour applied.  The foundation was also nice but I'm relatively happy with the one that I use and none of them (except the BB cream) contain an SPF which is important to me as I don't currently use a moisturiser with sunscreen.  Their Naked range of eye palettes are just beautiful but sadly sold out across the country however the Naked Basics palette was available so I decided to get my mitts on that instead.  I got some awesome tips on which colours suited me and how they should be applied, with the lightest colour being dabbed right in the corner of my eyes.  
I've never really done much with my eyebrows (and to be honest, should probably have gotten them threaded before taking photos to put on the blog!) but they were filled out with the darkest colour from the Naked Basics palette.  It was kindof a shock to see them filled out as they really do make a huge change to your face.  It's something I'll definitely experiment with though, it's a small step that makes a dramatic difference.  She also used the Naked Flushed palette, which is a bronzer, highlighter and blusher in one for some contouring.  I actually really loved this effect and it gave me a real glow - you can see in the after pictures that it changed my skin tone, giving it some colour and toning down the rosiness.  It's probably the first time I've really considered giving bronzer a try but think it's definitely a step for when I feel more confident with applying make-up (and after binge watching a few dozen youtube tutorials!).
So I was super pleased with the "after" results from the makeover (particularly the eyeshadows and my golden glow!) and my purchases will be easily worked into my existing routine.  I would definitely consider going back for the bronzer palette once I feel brave enough to try it!  Have you ever tried Urban Decay or is there a look or make-up brand that you're longing to try?  Let us know!


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    1. Aw thanks! I can't help but hear that in a David Walliams "laaaady!" voice when it's applied to me though ;-)

  2. Ugh, i'm totally in the same boat! All I'd do is mascara and under eye concealer and that is. not. enough. I spent most of my Christmas holiday researching how to do make up and different styles and tools and filtering all of that with my desperate need to be a low maintenance as possible. I'll definitely check out The UD counter at Debenham's next time I'm there!
    Thanks :)

    1. Definitely agreed - I love the idea of being able to do all these complicated make-up things but it still needs to fit into my super low-maintenance routine! Yeah, the girls at the UD counter are really lovely and helpful :-)