Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lighting for my Scandi-dreamhome

Having watched a lot of Scandi-dramas in the last few years I've slowly progressed from my crazy rainbow polka dot explosion fantasy decor to dreaming about a minimalist-Scandi design dream home.  White airy rooms with stylish, functional furniture and perhaps a hint of Marimekko pattern to brighten things up.  Another way to brighten up and make a huge difference in a room is lighting and I've been looking at John Lewis' gorgeous range of LED lighting, having some serious want.  All of these pieces below are beautiful in their own way and would look perfectly in place in my spacious bright Scandi dream home. 

White table lamp
Curvy sculpture lamp / Tilted arm lamp
Ceiling pendant light
Black angled lamp


  1. Love it! Lighting's one of those things that can really make or break a room. I've been into that minimal, clean design as well... even tried it once, but the space wasn't quite right so instead of feeling minimal it just felt... empty. Done right, it's amazing! :D


    Artsy Abroad //

    1. I know, I wish it's a look I could work in my current flat. I need the dream space to go along with the decor ;-) But its a good start!

  2. Oh I do like "for the modern librarian!" and the "disco dream ball"... I often covet many John Lewis lamps, and do actually get drawn to their lighting section in the store, like a moth to a flame... I've got my eye on a nice 'touch' one!

    1. I really want the Modern Librarian (as I have dubbed it!) lamp too, it's super pretty. Imagine if it was a touch lamp!! ;-)