Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Happy 2014! Here's to a productive new year...

Happy new year!  The holidays are over and it's back to normal life - no more sitting on the couch all day with Netflix, guzzling leftover Celebrations unfortunately.  It's good to mark the year with a fresh start and some self improvement - planning ways to maintain these resolutions is the tricky part for sure.  So here are my fairly standard but hopefully realistic resolutions to make 2014 a productive, creative and all-round awesome year!
Creative time & space
Last year I found myself a wee bit overstretched and whenever I did have time for myself, I was pretty tired and just wanted to veg out.  This year I've decided to keep Monday's and Tuesday's free for myself to work on anything crafty that I feel like doing and maybe working on the long list of cool crafty stuff we've put on Pinterest.  I've also cleared a table and some drawers for some space of my own so I'm not spending time looking for some scissors/material/needles, forget what I'm looking for and get horribly distracted by television/food/something shiny.

Finish what you start
I have a large box hidden away in my flat, bought for the specific purpose of housing unfinished projects - I call it the Museum of Incomplete Crafts.  This year, the plans is: no craft gets left behind.  I'm the worst for taking up something new, buying all the required bits and pieces and maybe some books along with it, starting up a project and then abandoning halfway through once the first flush of enthusiasm has dried up.  But this year, I'm going to actually finish things, oh yes! Especially now I'm setting aside the time to do so (as above!).

One movie, every week
You know how you have conversations with friends about your favourite films and they start listing all these classic films which everyone surely must have seen and you're secretly thinking "Never seen it. Never seen it. Never seen it" every time another one gets mentioned.  Well, that's me and nearly every conversation about the cinema ever (ask me about Game of Thrones/Criminal Minds though and we can chat all day).  So I've decided to watch a new film every week - it doesn't need to be anything cool, just something I've never seen before.  Doesn't sound like a huge stretch but I hardly managed to see any films this year so it will certainly be an improvement!

Take more photographs
So many's the time that I've wished that I had my camera on me to capture something beautiful I've seen in Edinburgh and afar or surrounded by my lovely friends.  I recently invested in a new camera and love being able to take pictures in way that I couldn't before and have also been given a super cool Lomographer camera (the Rob Ryan one pictured no less) so am looking forward to experimenting with it!  The Lomograph camera is so cute and portable it can pretty much live in my handbag just for when the right moment arrives.

Five a day
And lastly, it's that old chestnut - trying to eating healthily.  There's no way that I ever get my five fruit & veg a day but I'm trying to start each morning the same way: hot water with lemon juice and then a big old glass of fresh juice.  There's plenty of hype around green juice and I must admit I was initially put off by the thought of drinking vegetables.  But if you have a good juice combination, you actually can't taste them at all - it's the lazy-girls way of getting essential vitamins!  Having started off my days well I've been more inclined to eat better throughout the day too.

Have you made any resolutions this year and how are you getting on with them?


  1. These seem like great resolutions! I didn't make any official resolutions... I just want things to continue going well and to push myself to do what makes me happy and what makes life better, not just for me but those around me. I like that you've put aside time to be creative... right now I feel like time is something I definitely don't have and some of my creative pursuits (writing, drawing) have fallen by the wayside. I might have to take a cue from you!


    Artsy Abroad // http://artsyabroad.blogspot.com

    1. I don't normally make official resolutions but thought it'd be good excuse to get a bit of structure into my life! I had so many good intentions last year that never pulled through so hopefully this will help :-) Making some proper time for being creative has really helped!