Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Scottish Spotlight: Effing beautiful knitwear from Hilary Grant

Being a UK and, more specifically, Scotland-dweller, knitwear and I have enjoyed a pretty long and happy marriage. This is fairytale, soulmate, till-death-we-do-part stuff. I've waxed lyrical about it before - worn 8 months a year, it keeps me so warm and cosy against Edinburgh's Wind of Death, and it's just so very huggable. And upon seeing the new collection from Scottish knitwear genius/ninja Hilary Grant, I think that, even after all these years, I've fallen even deeper in love.
Featuring scarves, gloves, hats and - be still my beating heart - knitted collars, the effing gorgeous range brings together Fairisle-esque intricacies with modern, geometric patterns in a rather sumptuous palette of greys, blues and fiery oranges. Feast your peepers on these....
Now, we're talking lambswool, luxury and limited edition so yes, at £50-90, you can expect to pay a few pennies more for these luscious babies than your standard acrylic H&M number. But factor in cost per wear and it's going to be a pretty savvy investment for your winter wardrobe. Plus with Christmas round the corner and stockings - either your own or those of a loved one - to be filled, it's a very lovely gift which also (double win) helps to support local and independent businesses, which is really important to us on this blog.

You can buy some of Hilary's beautiful pieces from her website, or if you fancy trying before you buy, our fave Edinburgh boutique Hannah Zakari has selected pieces from the collection in store too.


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