Sunday, 24 November 2013

Edinburgh Christmas: The Revamped Christmas Markets

This year the Edinburgh Christmas markets are spread over two sites - East Princes Street Gardens (by the National Gallery) holds the traditional German markets that we know and love, and a Scottish Market in St Andrews Square has local food, drink and some new attractions.  There has been a wee bit of controversy over some stallholders not returning this year, but most of the traditional favourites are still there with marzipan, spice biscuits, gluhwein, sausages all present and decorations and gifts available to buy.  There are some exciting additions this year too, like the Christmas Tree Maze, a pop-up theatre (with some very cool sounding shows), the new weather-proofed Big Wheel, a Drambuie stall selling Winter Sangria and, thrillingly, the 60 metre high Star Flyer, guaranteed to give you some of the best views of Edinburgh (if you can keep your eyes open).  There are some pretty awesome food additions: Urban Angel have a stall with Edwyn & Irwin chocolatiers selling speciality chocolates and hot chocolates, Tony Singh has a McTSingh stall with curries and an intriguing hot chocolate claiming to be made with Yeti's blood.  Further exploration will unearth Stocks Sausages who sell their sossies with rosemary fries, and Heilan Coo selling beef brisket with haggis. There's even fresh seafood from Alanda's (straight outta Prestonpans), along with their famous fish & chips.  As for the booze, hot apple toddies seem to be having a 'moment' (they were everywhere) and are a nice addition to the much-loved gluhwein and bier.  The markets felt like they had retained their authentic spirit and the St Andrews Square attractions were great and really enhanced the experience with a new dimension.  We'll definitely be visiting again soon!


  1. Hi guys, can I just *how* pleased I am to have discovered your blog! We are in the process of moving to Edinburgh and I am really looking forward to trying new things there, restaurants, boutique and also to check out the clearly fabulous Christmas markets! Ann x

    1. Aw, that's very kind of you - thanks Ann! Edinburgh is ace, I'm sure you'll love it here. Good luck with the move! Katey x