Saturday, 12 October 2013

Halloween: Get prepared the crafty way

The month of October is upon us - it's getting chillier, the nights are fair drawing in and pumpkin lattes are back at Starbucks.  It also means Halloween is but a mere few weeks away and we love any excuse to celebrate a pointless holiday with crafts and bakes.  Here's our top picks of cool spooktacular stuff!

(Top row L-R)

1. Give your nails a Halloween makeover with black cat nail art from the Lacquerologist - also apt all year round for the stylish cat lady.

2. The season is not complete without some kind of pumpkinery (we made up a word!) - this tutorial for triangle print and ombre pumpkins is an easy no-mess and stylish option to the usual grim skeleton face.

(Second row L-R)

3. Not Quite Nigella loves Halloween and blogs about her parties with gloriously OTT recipes every year.  These voodoo doll biscuits look super fun to make and decorate.

4.. For those who get into any holiday decoration with spirit, here's a fun alternative to jack o'lanterns.  It's relatively easy to do but does involve eating a lot of pumpkin.

5.. As a self-confessed pom pom maniac, we couldn't resist these adorable pom pom ghosts from Mr Printables. Guts and gore BEGONE, we prefer it cute and fluffy this Halloween please thank you.

(Third row L-R)

6.. Edinburgh's Ever So Juliet has a number of Halloween tutorials for costumes, recipes and nail art. There is a particularly gruesome zip mask tutorial on her blog you can follow (Jane can't look at it so it's pretty damn impressive). Just one of her many brilliant Halloween tutorials.

7. An easy option for the culinary-challenged - ghoulish pizza, made with mozzerella ghosts and olive spiders.
8. And to round things off: there are a ton of cool Halloween costumes for kids but to round up, we loved this mini-Anna Wintour. The most fabulous Halloween get up, both stylish and scary.

Have you got any Halloween crafts lined up this year? Let us know.


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