Monday, 16 September 2013

Edinburgh Events: Pout, 21 & 22 September

Next weekend sees the return of Pout at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange.  It's billed as a ladies' lifestyle event, with exhibitors from fashion, beauty, shopping and leisure -  there'll be makeovers, beauty treatments, ideas for hen parties, champagne bars, cocktails, cupcakes and  massages.  It sounds like a perfect girls' day out and is a great way to scope out what's on offer in our fair city and beyond. Pout invited us to try one of the more unique services/experiences that will be there, The Dresser, who will be running colour consultations for Pout visitors.
I have to admit, I was thrilled to get this colour consultation.  Even though I love shopping, I tend to be lead by fashion and have never been quite sure what colours actually suit me.  So I was hoping to get an answer to the these pressing questions:  will I be able to pull off a A/W13 must-have, the pastel pink coat?  Can I continue with my wardrobe consisting mainly of monochrome stripes?  And does mustard yellow actually suit me?  Jill, The Dresser, took me into her lovely studio in Dunbar to answer these questions and more.  Jill evaluates the following for each individual: depth of colour, hue and clarity, based on skintone, hair & eye colouring.  After establishing that I suited Deep colours, Jill held swatches of fabric up to me to establish that I was also Warm and Clear which means that I can wear bright, jewel-like colours, but pastels and muted shades do not suit and wash me out.  It doesn't mean that I have to give up wearing these colours, but as Jill holds up contrasting shades towards me it's clear that the stronger tones have more of an impact with my colouring.  No particular colour is out of reach - it's all about the shade of a particular colour.  It's all very interesting - to do with the shadows reflected in your face and colouring, but frankly I was just thrilled that I suited mustard (and that I'll save a bit of money not buying a pastel pink coat even though I apparently suit a more raspberry shade, so could still be tempted yet).
Jill was excellent at making me feel good about myself and it was lovely to hear about all the colours that suited me!  She also offers consultations on dressing for your style and shape - think of her as a Gok Wan who doesn't grope or a Trinny/Susannah who isn't rude.  Her consultations are particularly popular with parties, those who have gone through a lifestyle change, such a weight loss or new job. I'm sure The Dresser will be a popular exhibitor at Pout as it's a unique and fun experience so make sure you pay a visit to Jill when you get there.  Entry to Pout is priced at £15 for an advance ticket, which includes a goody bag on arrival worth at least £25.  


  1. Looking forward to Pout too! This service sounds quite unique, will have to give her stand a visit x

    1. There's some really sweet exhibitors at Pout this year! The colour consultation was really fun - definitely worth a visit! x