Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Edinburgh Festival - Gorilla Perfumes Pop-Up Shop

We've mentioned a few of the pop-up food and drink places that have appeared during the Festival, but you may not know about this rather special pop-up shop from Gorilla Perfumes.  Launched by the people behind Lush, Gorilla Perfumes share the same ethical stance and emphasis on eco-friendly, natural products and make fragrances for dreamers that can inspire emotional and passionate responses.  Tucked a wee bit out of the way on East Cross Causeway (a five minute walk from George Square), their home for the festival is a rather special boutique where customers are encouraged to discover scents in their own time and the lovely staff explain the stories and inspirations behind their perfumes.  I had an unexpected chat about beatniks, smoking and fathers on my visit whilst discussing The Voice Of Reason scent, which has hints of sandalwood, cigarettes and coffee; thrillingly, they have an installation dedicated to this scent where you go into a perfumed wooden booth, put on some headphones and listen to Gil Scott-Heron on vinyl.
Lush fans may be particularly interested in visiting to try old B Never scents and Lush Forum scents (made of Lush products such as Twilight, Rose Jam and American Cream), sold exclusively in the Edinburgh pop-up shop - these are usually only available online  so it's a good opportunity to actually try them on.  
There's also a photography exhibition from Gavin Evans (who recently worked on the Bowie V&A collection) along with their own Gorilla artwork and they have some interesting events, such as a gig from Black Diamond Express, a whisky and perfume matching session and a talk by writer David Keenan.  
If you're into this kind of involved shopping experience, you will absolutely love visiting the shop.  If you're not much of a fan of Lush and find their fragrances too strong, it's likely you won't enjoy it.  If you're curious anyway you should go because it's an intriguing place to visit and we should all stretch our boundaries sometimes!  You might just find a fragrance to fall in love with.


  1. I love pop-up shops! Pop-up galleries, restaurants, you name it... they're the greatest things ever.

    I've been following your blog for a short while, as I'm about to move to Edinburgh for school and am obviously interested in getting to know the city. I love your posts! :D So I nominated you on my own blog for a Liebster Award, if you'd care to check it out.

    Kate x

    1. Aw there's been some really lovely pop-ups for the festival which are closing now, shame you won't get to see them! Very kind of you indeed to mention us on yr blog - good luck with the move! University of Edinburgh is awesome (one of us went there, one of us works there!) so you're sure to have a good time.