Thursday, 20 June 2013

Edinburgh Is Delicious: Lovecrumbs Cake Shop

We've written about our love for Lovecrumbs a wee while ago but thought they deserved a post all of their own.  Not one's to blow their own trumpet, their website is sparse and only gives you a small idea of just how awesome they really are.  Situated on West Port, right by the delightfully nicknamed Pubic Triangle, you'll know it by "Cake In Here!" sign outside as you might past it altogether. It's not exactly where you'd expect to find one of Edinburgh's best cake shops but that's all part of it's quirky charm.  This charm is what sets Lovecrumbs apart from the pack; the Lady Bakers have cherry-picked vintage pieces for the shop and repurposed them so you can expect to use an old drum as a table or eat cake from atop a piano.  Most luscious of all is their famous cake cupboard, an old Harrods wardrobe which now houses their cakes, tarts and scones.
Of course, we wouldn't recommend them if their cakes weren't also damn fine.  They make the most inventively delicious cakes in Edinburgh; some of their offerings on my latest visit were lime and violet cake, peanut butter chocolate tart, cheese and marmite scones.  There were also more traditional cakes, such as banana, lemon and good old chocolate (pictured up top).  The non-cake options were equally good choices - lemon meringue pie, apricot flapjack, apple crumble tart and sour cherry brownies were all tempting.  Teas are supplied by Anteaques and come with a flask of hot water to keep yourself topped up - a lovely wee touch.  You can keep up with their daily bakes on their Facebook page and remind yourself that they are strictly a cake shop with their FAQ.


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