Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Edinburgh is Delicious: Cuckoos Bakery Cupcakes

Cuckoos Bakery used to be a wee cupcake secret, just outside of the city centre at the bottom of Dundas Street.  I say used to be as it's only a matter of time before most of Edinburgh will be singing their praises.  Not only do they now deliver their cupcakes across Edinburgh, but they also supply their cakes to Waterstones.  It's not great surprise really - their cupcakes (at around £2.40 each) are baked fresh every day and are truly superb.  If you visit their tea room you can view these beauties in an antique haberdashery display case, all with perfectly formed icing swirls on top.  Each cupcake flavour has been lovingly thought out - the vanilla has real vanilla seeds running through it, the raspberry and white chocolate has a delicious jam centre and the black bottom cupcake combines a dark Belgian chocolate sponge with baked cheesecake.  It costs £4.95 to get these delivered by eco-friendly bike service within the Edinburgh city bypass and they make the perfect sweet treat (with the very real possibility of becoming the office star if you get these delivered on your birthday).
The Tea Room is certainly worth a visit as well.  It's close by the Water of Leith, for a sunny weekend walk, and not far from Stockbridge.  There are daily cake specials and traybakes - there was a gluten-free apple and rhubarb layer cake along with scones and Oreo cheesecake brownies on my recent visit.  You can also inspect the cupcake specials, such as the Elvis: a moist banana and chocolate chip sponge with peanut butter icing.  The savoury options are of the hearty cafe lunch standard variety: doorstep sandwiches, homemade soup and savoury tarts, at around the £6-£7 mark.  The giant salad, pictured above, very much lived up to its name and will help to bypass any potential calorie guilt that you may encounter on your visit.  Everything is served on bespoke designed crockery which features Edinburgh streets and scenes and, on top of all this, the staff are lovely too.  


  1. I lived on Cumberland St when they first opened and a wrote my dissertation in there. Their sandwiches are literally the best in Edinburgh especially when you go and eat them in the Botanical gardens. They also serve artisan roast coffee and Coco bruntsfield chocolate.

    1. The tea room really is lovely. It's pretty quiet in the week, can see how it would have been a great place to write your dissertation!

  2. I'm a big Cuckoos Bakery fan! I first discovered it with my cake-connoisseur Mum who agreed their cupcakes were truly special.
    In fact I ordered a box to be delivered to my house just last week and even featured a photo on my blog.

    I'm now craving cupcakes!