Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A little mouse with clogs on: summer shoes by Lotta From Stockholm

Summer is here! And even though in Edinburgh (and most of the rest of the UK) that generally translates into peakaboo sunshine and analysis of cloudy skies with the words “I think it IS brightening up!”, the mercury is nonetheless rising and it’s time to get our peely wally legs out for a new summer wardrobe. This year I’m updating mine from the bottom up, and being completely obsessed with everything Scandinavian, am getting the ball rolling with a pair of clog sandals.

For many a moon clogs have had a bit of a bum fashion rap, with most people either associating them with a mouse there on the stair or the forces of anti-stilleto orthopaedic shoe evil. But companies like fashion blogger fave Swedish Hasbeens have worked wonders to rehabilitate the frumpy reputation of the humble clog to produce a shoe that’s streamlined, simply stylish and comfortable.

Now Swedish Hasbeens are gorgeous but at £100+ a pop, a bit pricey for a pair of sandals that only get a few weeks of wear out of a year. So I was delighted to find an equally beautiful but much more purse-friendly alternative – Lotta From Stockholm.

Based in the UK but run by clog pro Lotta (who is indeed from Stockholm), the leather clogs come in a fantastic range of colours, patterns and heel sizes, and with most coming in at around the £50-£75 mark, you'll be left with a few extra pennies for holiday souvenirs. Bargain hunters will especially love the sales and seconds section with a selection of discounted clearance clogs, and even better, delivery is free!

The only problem...is that now I want to BUY ALL THE CLOGS. Here are the beauties at the top of my wish list:

Peep Toe Clogs in Blue Dot - £57.50

Polka dots make me very happy indeed. I was hard pressed to choose between these and their cherry-red sisters. Yum.

Highwood Tan Open - £52.50
The Crème De La Clog, IMHO. Tan leather that goes with everything tick? Heel high enough to prop up titchy people but still practical for moseying about in? Tick. In my shopping basket? Tick.

Low Black Braids - £52.50
I’m a terrible one for foregoing comfort in favour of trendy tootsies, but these low-heeled blackbraids look practical and sort of drifting-elegantly-around-a-European city stylish. They shall be my clogs, and I shall call them Cloggy.

Peep Toe Clogs in Silver - £57.50
These silver lovelies have something of the “nobody puts Baby in a corner” feel about them. A must-buy if you’re off to a mountain retreat to have an affair with a snake-hipped dance instructor this summer.

June Super High in Orange - £69.90
Summer in clog form! These cheery orange braided numbers somehow make me think of little cocktail umbrellas and washing the salt out of your hair after a day of falling off a boogie board.

Cherry red T-bars - £57.50
I have to watch with T-bars as being chunky of calf my feet can end up looking a little pig trotter-esque,  but I’d have to at least give these a whirl as they’re so very lovely. They come in lots of colours but this luscious red is utterly irresistible.

Will you be tip tapping along in clogs this summer or should they be banished to fashion no-man’s-land? What else is on your holiday wardrobe wishlist?


  1. Ooh these are lovely! Good find :)
    kimberley x

  2. Ooh those cherry red t-bars are beautiful! I can see them in summer and also in autumn with some grey tights. Gorgeous!