Monday, 20 May 2013

Beyond the Builder’s Brew: tea and chocolate tasting at Eteaket

Chocolate and tea. A comfort food holy grail in my eyes. With a mug of steaming brew in one hand and a Dairy Milk in the other, ying and yang meld in perfect cosmic balance, and tis not a formula not to be tampered with. Or so I thought, till I heard about Edinburgh teahouse Eteaket’s new range of luxury handcrafted tea chocolates. So, in the spirit of adventure, I headed along to the launch to sample the sophisticated spin on an old classic.

First up was an introduction from Eteaket’s manager Sarah Chanter, who gave us a whistle stop history of Great Britain’s most beloved beverage before handing over to the chocolate maestro behind the range Sebastian Kobelt, former patissier to Michelin star-bedecked eateries The Kitchin and Castle Terrace and now whipper-upper of bespoke chocolate concoctions for suppliers across the UK.

Six of Eteaket’s handpicked, ethically-sourced teas were passed round for sniff, followed by sampling of the tea and the chocolates, with Sarah and Sebastian taking us through tasting notes for each one. We began with lighter, subtle flavours, with the punchier teas coming at the end so as not to overwhelm the palate. 

Now, being the type of person who proudly announces at wine tastings “I’m definitely getting notes of wine”, I didn’t really expect to be able to pick out the taste of tea from the chocolate, but was pleasantly surprised to find the delicate flavours coming through.

Top marks in particular had to go to the smoky Lapsang Souchong-infused chocolates, which tasted like black forest gateau; the deliciously-named Bollywood Dreams Chai tea caramels; and my personal favourite, the apple-scented Blooming Marvelous green tea chocolate squares, which I snaffled with the fervour of a truffling pig.

The team at Eteaket have also clearly made tea blending into something of an art form – we drank a Royal Earl Grey mixed with regally-blue cornflower petals, and a chocolate tea with flecks of real chocolate that had been created especially for the evening.

So, although I’m never going to give up my humble teabreak favourite, it turns out chocolate and tea make a magnificent pairing in many forms, especially in the deft hands of Sarah, Sebastian and the rest of Team Eteaket. If you fancy bravely broadening your own chocolate horizons, there will be future tastings coming up – you can find out about these, and other events like tea cocktail classes (I’ll be signing up for that one to be sure) by keeping an eye on the Eteaket blog. Or, if you can’t wait, head on down to the Frederick Street cafĂ© to pick up a box of chocs with a tartan tea-licious twist now.


  1. Looks delicious. A bit posher than the mug of breakfast tea and plate of jaffa cakes that is my usual 'tea and chocolate pairing'!

  2. It is indeed - although Jaffa Cakes most certainly have a place in my heart too! They make you think after all - is it a cake, is it a biscuit....