Saturday, 30 March 2013

Eggs Over Easy: Easter Craft Projects

Although the weather is determined to prove otherwise, spring has sprung (it HAS!) Easter is here, we have four days off work and chicks and bunnies roam across the internet like a hoarde of fluffy wee Vikings.

With the glorious bank holiday weekend stretching luxuriously ahead, I thought I would take the extra time to kick back, relax and interpose my chocolate consumption with something a little more creative and a little less calorific: painting eggs. Guilt-free, cute as a baby lamb and above all, super simple.

Here are some of my favourite projects from the craftiest corners of the web:

(1) What a dapper pair. The lady egg rather calls to mind a young Gwen Stefani with that blue 'do. This tutorial calls for wooden eggs but you'd be able to achieve a similar effect with real eggs.
(2) One for the knitters out there. These eggs are stylishly kitted out for the snowy spring, too. Download the pattern from Etsy for a snip.
(3) I'm a sucker for anything with washi tape on it, and throw a chevron in the mix and I'm truly undone. These cheery numbers look very easy to decorate too.
(4) OK, so these gold leaf eggs demand some fairly niche craft supplies and the hand-eye coordination of a bomb disposal expert, but aren't they simply stunning? Brave crafters can get gilded here.

(5) These hanging flower posy cups are a perfectly unusual way to showcase your blooms. They add a nice nod to spring...even if they're looking out on a flurry of snow : (
(6) The humble oeuf gets an Impressionist makeover. Give Easter a painterly spin with instructions here.
(7) These delicately embroidered eggs might have "craft disaster" written all over them, but they're gorgeous if you can pull them off, and they'll make a lovely spring centrepiece even when after the last mini egg is gone.
(8) The same goes for these super-vibrant marbled eggs. A terrific pop of colour for your coffee table.

Of course it would be criminal to write an Easter blogpost without featuring at least a couple of bunnies. After all, they work so hard at this time of year, distributing chocolate to greedy...

(1) My origami efforts always tend to be a little crumpled, but this Japanese take on the Easter bunny might encourage me to get folding again. 
(2) Why should eggs get all the fun? At long last, the neglected egg carton takes the limelight with these adorable wee bunny toppers.
(3) And finally, a dinky Miffy-esque basket for your eggs that needs little more than cardboard, tape and coloured paper. Leaves plenty of time to robotically hoover down Creme Eggs in front of bank holiday TV.

Which just leave me to say, on behalf of Katey, Chiara and me (but with a bit of help from Sir Hopsalot)...


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