Sunday, 10 March 2013

Calling all crafty foxes!

Last week I was delighted to hear that I had been picked as the winner of a wonderful blog giveaway, and that an intriguing but most excellent-sounding Crafty Fox box was winging it’s way to my door. And what a fantastically foxy treat it was indeed.

Crafty Fox is a brilliant craft subscription service that sends cute parcels of crafting loveliness to your door every month. The box contains materials and instructions for three short, simple but very sweet projects (although freestyling is also encouraged) and better yet, each project is “prepped” so all you need to do is pick up your scissors or your needle, and get making. Perfect for someone likes me, who pours all my energy into a new crafting endeavour, then sees a funny looking dog outside and promptly forgets all about it.

Every month a new designer or shop contributes to the box, and for my box it was one of my favourite shops, hub of all things colourful, creative and craftcular Papermash. The box arrived filled with grey tissue paper and yellow-striped sweetie bags, and my eager pawing/excited squealing revealed goodies for making a bright cloud felt mobile, a monochrome circle garland, and an “inspiration string” complete with baby pegs and washi tape for decoration. No cutting out, no measuring, no faff, just crafty fun. I can’t wait to get cracking.

The subscription is £20 a month, which for your very own box of sunshine, seems like a mighty fine price indeed.

So, if like me you want to say BOO to the usual doormat fodder of takeaway menus and scary letters from the council, you can sign up for lovely monthly post you'll actually look forward to receiving here.


  1. Ooh lovely! I saw that giveaway but after reading the other entries knew I couldn't compete! I love post and crafty things though so am sorely tempted to sign up.

    1. Sorry you didn't enter Kate! The comment bit was just for fun, I'm sure she just picked out the winner randomly!