Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Edinburgh Wedding Project: Wishlists and a pause for thought

Since becoming engaged it’s becoming blindingly obvious that weddings are not cheap.  I already knew that of course, but I'm still hopeful that with a bit of diy crafting here, a bit of canny thrifting there maybe it will still come in at what now feels like our slightly ridiculous small budget.  Here are some of the things on my wishlist and general wedding thoughts!

I don't want a "wedding dress" dress.  I would feel deeply uncomfortable in a strapless gown on any given day so when lots of people are going to be looking at me it is definitely off the cards.  The other thing I'm quite clear on is that I don't want to buy a dress I will have to lose weight for as I don't want to feel crap about myself running up to the wedding when it likely doesn't happen.  I'm considering a relatively simple 1950's style prom dress or a lace empire style dress.  I'm looking forward to hitting up the Edinburgh wedding dress shops that Chiara mentioned in her Edinburgh wedding dress shopping post, I'll also be popping into Lady JoJo's Boutique for some 50's style dresses and I'm not adverse to buying vintage either - Those Were The Days in Stockbridge have a truly beautiful selection.

A wedding venue is something that we are hoping to save on.  We've looked at a selection of hotels and venues and as Edinburgh has some wonderful old buildings and churches we're nearly spoilt for choice.  However we've made the decision to go ahead and book a community hall instead which means we'll have to source everything ourselves but at our own cost.  So it will require a lot of organisation but that part will be fun, right?  (I have a feeling those words may come back to haunt me...)

Another thing I would love is to wear flowers in my hair.  We visited the Glasgow Wedding Collective fair on the weekend and the very first stall that I saw was Roots, Fruits and Flowers who happened to be putting together floral crowns and before I knew it, I had been sat down and Sorelle Hair & Make Up were working their magic on me.  I absolutely loved having flowers in my hair although I'm not sure how well it will work with the evening dancing!

I've become totally addicted to wedding blogs in the meantime.  There are so many creative folk out there and so many brilliant wedding day ideas, I can't stop looking.  Not only do they dispense excellent advice, they also give a good idea of photography styles.  My favourite blogs at the moment are Rock'n'Roll Bride, Ruffled and Love My Dress.  Here's a little secret - I enjoyed looking at these even when I wasn't yet engaged!  If you have any favourite wedding blogs, do let us know!


  1. So funny, I was there too! I was helping out my friend Lauren McGlynn, did you see her stand? I styled it myself. So proud.

    As for other wedding blogs, East Side Bride is amazing. Not so much for the pretty pictures, more for the hilarious snark. An essential read. There's a great wedding blog directory here too.

    Can I ask which community hall you've booked? My sister-in-law is looking for one in Edinburgh and having a hard time finding somewhere. Feel free to email or tweet me if you'd rather not put it out there in public - my contact deets are on the blog. I'd really appreciate it.

    Also, that flower crown looks ace on you. You should so do it.

    1. Oh yes, I remember admiring the hanging wood framed pictures! And thinking, not for the first time that day, I'm totally going to steal that idea ;-) Well done, it was beautiful.

      I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon reading wedding blogs instead of working now I think, there's lots on the directory I'd never heard of. Woohoo!

      And thanks, I can't believe how quickly those girls could style things so well. I felt all princessy for the rest of the day with my floral crown!

  2. Beautiful beautiful flowers! I've loved the idea of flowers and jewels in my hair for my wedding day since I saw Christina Aguilera, of all people, do it for her (now defunct) marriage a few years back. For something a little more robust you could try some fake flowers...obviously not quite the same thing but would stand up to a good boogie: http://louloulovesyou.co.uk/products/?page=1

    I have one of her floral headbands and although it's defintiely a seasonal item I feel very much like a fairy nymph/Florence Welch-a-like floating round Edinburgh with flowers in my hair!


    1. Haha I can't believe you've had me googling Xtina's wedding photos! I loooooove those LouLou flower crowns and yes, Florence W is a good reference point too. Definitely envisaging floating and being a flower nymph! x

  3. Hello,

    I don't have a wedding blog but I recently got married in Edinburgh. I found http://anyotherwoman.com/ a great resource, but even more importantly, a wonderful community. Since the wedding, they have produced a wedding A-Z which is definitely worth looking at. I wrote a piece on second-hand wedding dresses (O is for Old).

    I love the flower crown too :) One of my friends Anna hosted a flower-crown making blogger event down south (http://www.skinandblisterblog.com/2013/02/a-flower-crown-party-with-great-british.html) and I think Charlotte (http://lottsandlots.blogspot.co.uk/) is going to post a DIY tutorial if you're interested.

    Anyway, I'm @1LaraBlue on Twitter, feel free to get in touch :)

    1. Ooh what a fab website, thank you! I love that they've continued it on from being a wedding site too.

      Also - how awesome are the DIY flower crowns! I especially love the huge one that's four stacked on top of each other. I think I need someone to pull me back if I make my own lest I end up with a Carmen Miranda style creation!