Monday, 14 January 2013

Scottish Spotlight: Beautiful Bike Prints from Rebecca J Kaye

So it’s halfway through January, officially the most pants month of the year, and although that means payday is still a torturous two weeks away, that light at the end of tunnel has *just* begun to dimly flicker. Which means of course it’s time to start making a list of totally essential items I need to buy when that sweet paycheck hits my echoing bank account come 30 Jan.

Enter the v v talented Rebecca J Kaye, an Edinburgh-based designer and illustrator whose bold and beautiful prints and cards are definitely destined to gobble up my cash, and my wall space, in one fell swoop. Proving that JK can be so much more than a prat in a hat, Rebecca’s bright, minimalist designs feature a cycling theme that is tres fitting for my New Year’s rez to take more exercise (ahem), and pack a lovely punch of colour to inject some fun into this dreich old February (officially the second most pants month of the year).

Highland Fling:  Bikes and cows, together at last. This cute wee heeland coo print adds a nice Scottish touch without going down the seriously overdone loch/castle/thistle route. It's £40.00, comes mounted and - even better - fits into a standard IKEA frame.

Le Velo: I'm not much of a day-to-day cyclist, being rather scared of, y'know, DEATH, but this turquoise-and-text number is pretty irresistible. It's safe, sweet and at £35 a snip compared to a real set of wheels. Just Velo for it.

Pedal Power: It's hard to pick a favourite out of Rebecca's designs but this merry number just clinches it. For a much-needed dose of sunshine, the yolk-yellow "Pedal Power" is super cheery and just a little bit quirky without being too twee: ride up my street (boom boom). It's also £40 but comes in card form too if you fancy your cycle chic a little dinkier.

When you're sad, look no further than an animal riding a bike. This utterly adorable selection of card designs is a veritable MENAGERIE OF CUTENESS whilst still being ok for a 28-year-old to stick up on her wall (I hope). I think I like the geeky fox the best but they're all pretty wonderful (there's a wee hedgehog not pictured which is rather ace too). These are a very purse-friendly £2.50 so I'll have the whole collection please - available here.

And finally: what can I say? It's Frogs. In Love. On a tandem. Frogs in love on a tandem. How can your heart not melt? Either put aside for your sweetie pie this Valentine's Day, or keep for yourself to enjoy these ampihibian cyclists' ribbiting romance up on your wall all day. Buy the froggy love here.

Pick your own payday treat from Rebecca's selection of charming prints, cards and t-shirts over at her online shop. For Edinburgh dwellers, a selection from the range is also available at the Marchmont Gallery.


  1. These are so sweet. I adore the Frogs In Love (saying that out loud makes me think of Pigs In Space!). We have to overcome our cycling fear at some point this year though and get on out there!