Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January Diet & Detox in Edinburgh

January is a month of good intentions - healthy eating, exercising, saving money and all that jazz.  But, with cold winds blowing and temptation all around, it can be hard to keep on track.  Fear ye not though because there's some help at hand from some very lovely places in Edinburgh.
Centotre have a "Skinny" January menu which means you can quite happily enjoy a posh Italian meal on George Street even if your pals are gorging on some buttery pasta - and at a budget friendly price too.  With two courses for £14.95 and three for £17.95, it's a good deal, super-healthy and you're offered tasty options like bresola with salad, chargrilled fish with spinach and chicken with lentils and fresh fruit.  You can view the skinny menu on their Facebook page.

Newly opened in Stockbridge, The Pantry is already becoming a firm favourite with their emphasis on locally sourced produce, which they also sell in their shop.  Their dishes are fresh with plenty of healthy choices for both brunch and dinner and won't make you feel like you're missing out on delicious grub.  Options for brunch include a beetroot hash with poached duck egg, hemp seed pancakes and corn fritters with spicy tomato chutney.  They also have weekly specials to reflect what's in season, such as the trout with quinoa, rocket salad and pickled fennel pictured above.

Nothing says "detox" like kicking back with a cocktail, right?  Right?  Well, perhaps not, but the good folks at Harvey Nichols are keen to convince us with their January Superfood cocktails.  Made from antioxidant ingredients like blueberries, pomegranate juice, Matcha green tea and goji berry they have us convinced.  We'll have the Blueberry and Acai mojito thanks!

And finally, an amazing concept which has just started up in Leith - pop-up pilates with afternoon tea! These combine a pilates session with a healthy afternoon tea served up in vintage crockery, all made by Nicola Pym who also works Cafe Domenico.  An awesome and virtuous way to spend an afternoon!


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