Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Blogs We Love: Edinburgh Lifestyle Blogs

One of the reasons we wanted to start our lifestyle blog is because we love so many different kinds of blogs and were totally inspired by all our favourites to get scribbling ourselves.  Edinburgh Etiquette has just been taken on board by the Scottish Blogger Network and you can check out some of the members here (or sign up if you have your own blog!).  As part of an occasional series, here's a list of some Edinburgh based blogs we have been enjoying lately.  This is the tip of the iceberg and we'll share some other great blogs, from Edinburgh, Scotland and THE WORLD soon...


  1. Ooh I'm definitely going to sign up! I've wanted to go to a blogger event for ages: the ones in the US sound so fun!

    1. I think there's one coming up in Glasgow soon! Hopefully there'll be something in Edinburgh too x

  2. Sign me up, I've just been around the centre of Edinburgh with some work colleagues doing a team building in Edinburgh event, what a superb day out, we stopped off in a few pubs along route and made the day very enjoyable, Edinburgh is beautiful! We need more blogs for this amazing city.