Friday, 25 January 2013

A Toast to Rabbie Burns Day!

Robert Burns by Iain McIntosh @ Scottish Poetry Library

Today is Robert Burns Day, a day to commemorate the life and poetry of the Scottish bard held each year on the anniversary of his birth.  It's celebrated all over the country - here are some easy ways to enjoy Burns Day.

1. Enjoy Poetry 
Ae Fond Kiss is a romantic favourite and A Man's A Man For A' That - first published anonymously for fear of recrimination because the idea of equality between men (never mind womenfolk!) was so outrageous! There's a list of all Burns' poetry available here.  

2. Eat Haggis 
You can go to a Burns supper, such as the one being held at Whiski Rooms (allowing you the opportunity for several nips of whisky throughout) where you can toast the haggis and hear some poetry - here's a list of the best Burns suppers on in Edinburgh.  Or you can buy your own and make it with traditional neeps and tatties. I will be making a non-traditional but very tasty haggis, whisky and bacon pie with mash. 

It's a barry way tae appreciate/honour Burns' poetry which are aw written in Scots. Dinnae go overboard mind - if folk are getting a bit pit oot then just caw canny.  Dreich is officially oor favourite Scots word (nae surprise given the recent weather).

4. Wear Tartan 
Think more Vivienne Westwood then Royal Mile tat - avoid pinned-together tartan mini-dresses and say yes to accents like cute kilts, bold patterned heels or a more seasonal scarf.


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