Monday, 31 December 2012

Farewell 2012! Our favourite bits

Happy New Year!  So we'd say farewell to 2012 and are looking forward to what 2013 has in store - but first we thought we'd review some of our personal highlights of 2012 - more of the same in 2013 please!

1.  I have to admit, I'm not great at keeping up with popular culture as it happens (unless its tabloid gossip and then I'm all over it) but  I did manage to see a few movies this year and even listen to some new music!  *pats self on back*  Two albums I really enjoyed this year though were Lavender Diamond and Perfume Genius - dream pop classics in the making.  My favourite film of the year was Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.  I'm a big WA fan and it's not dissimilar to his other films - engaging, quirky, sweet and tinged with nostalgia. Troubled teenage heroine Suzy was a bit of a fashion icon for me too - peter pan collars, a-line dresses, over the top eyeliner with blue eyeshadow and a badass boyfriend.  If only I was that cool now, never mind when I was thirteen!

2.  I had some awesome holidays this year and a total highlight was a week at the beach in Wollongong, Australia.  Watched somewhat over zealously watched by lifeguards, suspicious of our pale unfit bodies, we swam and rode the waves and soaked up the sunshine.  Visits to Ullapool and Isle of Skye were also amazing - Scotland is beautiful and it's amazing that an hours drive away from Edinburgh is beautiful countryside.

3.  A shared love of baking cakes and tea parties had me & my pal Michelle living out a dream of ours and putting on pop-up afternoon tea parties in the guise of Tealicious.  We had so much fun coming up with themed afternoon tea menus and baking our little hearts out.  The only downside has been my expanding waistline however on the upside I can now pretty much make scones with my eyes closed.

4.  Another ambition fulfilled this year - I got to play my violin on stage and in front of people!  I played a couple of concerts with Gordon McIntyre from ballboy* including an amazing show at The Queens Hall with Withered Hand which was one of the best nights of my life.

* who also happens to be my honeypie


1. In March I headed down to London to design a pair of dream shoes at the amazing Upper Street, a prize I was lucky enough to win in Domestic Sluttery’s annual Christmas mega-comp. With a staggering range of materials, styles and colours I spent a full morning umming and ahhing at the studio but eventually opted for something I that I could wear everyday but was still totally me, and the rainbow-pop ballet flats haven’t been off my tootsies since. If you can’t make it down to the Big Smoke then you can design your shoes online, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough if you’re looking for something really special.

2. Edinburgh’s absolutely hoaching with lovely places to eat and drink but my top pick of 2012 has to be nail bar turned cake wonderland Lovecrumbs cafĂ© – high praise indeed from someone with a confessed savoury tooth. Styled like a super-chic Miss Havisham’s mansion, it brings scrumptious homemade baking with a twist to a less than salubrious area of the city, with an array of cakey goodies like goats cheese and cherry Victoria sponge, chocolate peanut butter tart and rose pavlova cake. It’s the first place I’ll head when I fall off the diet wagon in January.

3. Like Katey I was lucky to have some amazing holidays in 2012, which inadvertently became the Year of the City Break for me. In August I headed to Amsterdam for apple cake, traditional Dutch stew at Moeders, fancying about in front of the IAmsterdam sign, and almost riding my hire bike into a canal. Then in October it was off to Barcelona for breakfast tortilla at the famous La Boqueria market, unforgettable tapas and cava at Bar Zim, pottering around dead central hipster neighbourhood of El Raval to admire the city's famous street art (pictured) and boutique shopping in the Latin Quarter. You can fly direct to both from Edinburgh if the mood for a mini break strikes you in 2013.

4. As a bit of lapsed crafter, I was delighted to find a little time to rediscover my creativity in 2012, and fell hard for the formerly gran-tacular, now SUPER-COOL art of cross stitch. From cutesy cupcakes to sassy expletives you can pretty much find a pattern for anything but my favourite had to be my “Rap-estry” (ba BOOM), a Pinterest project featuring the philosophical ruminations of the Sugarhill Gang. I’m going to try and keep up the craftiness in 2013 at Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts which offers classes on everything from screenprinting to ceramics and felting. Hibby.

And that's us! We're so excited about what we've got coming up for this wee blog in 2013 - what have you got in store?


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