Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas: The Way We Decorate

Well Christmas is nearly upon us!  Just one more day left for last-minute shopping, preparation and travel and all to be done in the Edinburgh rain.  Ah well, at least we can nest at home and enjoy the prettiness of Christmas indoors.  This is how we decorated this year...

Katey:  I have a vague retro theme going on with these beautiful colourful honeycomb baubles hanging from our tree and from the ceiling in good old red, white and green.  Our Christmas tree is always kept simple and it makes the colours pop out on tree.  Being a mad cat lady, I couldn't resist getting the kitten angel tree topper too!
Which brings me to my other decorative theme, one very close to my heart - anthropomorphised animals.  All animals in the house are wearing festive bows or Santa hats, except for my actual cat, who point blank refuses to wear a bow around his neck no matter how much I try.  He'll still get spoilt rotten of course and he's got his own wee present under the tree - it is Christmas after all!

Chiara: I love this time of year and, ordinarily, I never miss an opportunity to spread Christmas cheer in every room of my house, lovingly transforming each space into an homage to Santa and his elves. This year, it couldn't be any more different. With a hole in our roof and two rooms out of action, taking my usual highly enthusiastic approach to Christmas decorating just didn't work, although I do think the hole in the roof would seriously benefit from a little tinsel.

Rather than ignore Christmas altogether, we have decorated what little unspoiled space we have left. There's no tree and no tinsel, but there is Robbie the Robin (such an original name, I know). After a rare love-at-first-site moment, I bought Robbie last year from the beautiful Daisy Cheynes in Stockbridge. Despite our households woes, he has helped to lift the mood since he took pride of place on the fireplace on 01 December. In short, we may have very modest decorations, but Robbie's perfect face more than makes up for the lack of tree this year.

Jane: I had quite the Christmas design extravaganza planned for my flat this year, brilliantly codenamed “The 12 Days of Craftmas”. What a winter wonderland it was to be. Unfortunately, when the time came, “The 12 Days of Drinking Prosecco Whilst Proudly Wearing Novelty Reindeer Antlers” took precedence over, well, everything, so my festive deco fiesta was scaled back to something that required a little less effort and was a little more hangover-friendly…

…Namely a bauble-bedecked washi tape reindeer (pick washi tape up in Edinburgh at Curiouser & Curiouser on Broughton St); a silver Swedish spinning reindeer candle holder; paper make-it-yourself angels from Hannah Zakari; and sweet vintage glass tealights (the Santa has been in my family for longer than I can remember).

I did manage to get up a tree, following the family design philosophy of “put everything on it, all at the same time”. Cue flocked rainbow balls from Paperchase, IKEA reindeers, handmade paper garlands (I operate no-tinsel household), and my favourite decoration, a wee kangaroo bauble complete with a wee pouch of baby baubles. Aww.

How do you decorate at Christmas? We'd love to know!


  1. Beautiful. We followed a similar theme to you katey, lots of anthropomorphism and cats!

  2. Thanks Peter! Anthropomorphic cats are for all year round but have a special place at Christmas :-)