Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Right Riveting Wreath Round-Up

It’s the final week of November. Officially known as “Nearly Noel”*, the festive season is a mere, heady sniff of gluhwein away. Or it is in the bright eyes and glowing heart of this particular member of Team Edinburgh Etiquette, who has been merrily celebrating Christmas for about three weeks already. 

Now we’re big supporters of make-and-do on this blog, and Christmas is the perfect time to flex your creative muscles. Which is why I’ve spent more hours than is probably sensible trawling the internet like a possessed elf, searching for beautiful and unusual things to make my Christmas go with a craftacular bang.

Up first: the humble wreath. A crafter’s fave, they’re traditionally made from winter greenery, berries or pinecones. But that’s totally boring a bit too classic for my taste.

This pinwheel number from Neverland Nook is much more my cup of eggnog. You’ll need a trip to Hobbycraft and an afternoon in front of Elf to put it together, but it’s surely worth it for that tradition-bucking, windmill-spinning explosion of glorious pattern. And since it’s not too in-yer-face Christmas, it’ll nicely outlive the festive period for lazy un-decorators too.

Yearning for a more festive palette? This candy-striped starburst is the one I’m making this year.

Needing little more than stripy straws and a wreath ring, it doesn’t look too challenging either. Plus, you get to run around the house like a cool dude pretending to be Emma Peel with your glue gun (**LEGAL DISCLAIMER**when it’s unplugged!! And cooled down!!! **LEGAL DISCLAIMER!**)

Have super-safe candy cane-esque wreath fun with these instructions from Women’s Day.

I made this colour popping Crayola wreath last year, and it’s another smiley number that also has a shelf life well beyond Twelfth Night. The pristine version above isn’t mine by the way – my crayons were, well, totally wonky, but stuck on with much love and Christmas sherry. It’s a true beaut even when less-than-perfect, but it is super delicate, so don’t put on a door that gets opened and shut a lot. Image above Maddycakes Muse from and instructions for a similar wreath over at Shannon Makes Stuff.

Of course not everyone wants their wreath to an all-singing all-dancing jazz-hands rainbow. For something a little less kaleidoscopic, I love this idea from Budget Wise Home:

Made from naught more than old-school clothes pegs and an embroidery hoop, it’s simple, natural and understated. If you feel it’s a bit low in festive cheer, it’s a perfect canvas for some crafty Christmassy customisations – I could see a wee plastic reindeer perfectly hamster-wheeling right in the middle of that hoop, but maybe that’s just me.

I’m on wreath roll now. If you’re too busy buying presents/at the pub/opening all the doors of your chocolate advent calendar early, this lovely lit-up wreath from Real Simple is a wind and plug job that packs all the punch of a handmade wreath with minimal effort.

The retro lights are gorgeous, but I think this would be super duper with any form of twinkle.

Finally – this eco-friendly wreath courtesy of Good Housekeeping is a fabulous way to use up those old Christmas cards you guiltily stash year after year (or at least I do) whilst injecting a little oomph into your standard xmas 'olly.

Yes, it’s likely you’ll probably never want cut out a teeny tiny holly leaf again, but your sanity is a small price to pay for your very own ring of recycled Christmassy beauty.

If you’re not so craftily-inclined, or like me you’re more into “collecting” craft projects on your Pinterest boards than you are into making them (171 projects pinned! 0 made!) – FEAR NOT. Splash some cash at the problem with one of these ready-made alternatives for a wee bit of whimsy sans the hard work:

Top line L-R: Cardboard Leaf wreath from the Original Pop Up Shop; multi-coloured glass bauble wreath from Bouf; red wooden bauble wreath from Not On the High Street;

Bottom line L-R: Felt bobble wreath from John Lewis; vintage music rosette wreath from the Original Pop Up Shop; spiky recycled paper wreath (comes in silver too!) from Winter's Moon

Have you come across any more splendiferous wreaths or wreath ideas? Let us know!

*may not officially be known as nearly Noel

With love, from Edinburgh

Jane x


  1. Just about to purchase the Neverland Nook! Love these less-traditional alternatives x

  2. Ooh, where are you getting the straws from, Jane? I squealed when I saw the ones in Paperchase but ran away when I realised they were £10 a box...!

    1. Got mine from Papermash! - they were £7.00 but that was the cheapest I could find for the 100+ required for the wreath! Jane xx

  3. Gorgeous selection! I attempted one with straws last year (attempted really is the right word)... never try to force paper straws to make a heart-shaped wreath!